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EFT and weight loss, a guaranteed program

Unable to lose weight? Tired of yo-yo dieting?

Retrain Your Brain with Emotional Freedom Techniques

 Eight-week advanced program with a full money-back satisfaction guarantee

 David Gilbert, integrative therapist, is now accepting new applicants to participate in a powerful diet-free, one-on-one weight-loss program, whether you’re looking to shed 90 pounds or that last stubborn 10 pounds.


Losing weight with diets and willpower is tough. Change the mental programming. End the battle.

 Drawing on a set of advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), David helps clients safely and effectively “rewrite the mental programming” that is keeping them stuck.

 Many factors conspire to maintain excess weight. These include cravings, stress, trauma, grief, fear of change, body hatred, self-sabotage, family history/expectations, societal expectations, self-identity and sleep disorders. During the course of eight one-on-one sessions, David collaborates with clients to gently overcome these challenges. The benefits, clients report, often go far beyond simple weight loss.

The science

Using fMRI brain scans before and after using EFT, a recent Australian study of people with junk food cravings demonstrated the actual changes in mental processing following EFT training. That’s just one of the over 400 studies and meta analyses published in medical journals showing the power of these and related techniques.

Those accepted into the program will receive eight weekly sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. The last three sessions may be spread out over three months to further support long term changes. In the event a participant does not receive satisfactory benefits, 100% of the cost ($900 plus HST) will be refunded (if paying by credit card, 5% will be withheld due to processing fees).

About David Gilbert

Specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, cravings, self-sabotage, grief and trauma, David Gilbert is an AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner with over a decade of experience. In total, he’s spent nearly two decades working in the field of integrative wellness.

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