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Gluten free diet and heavy metals. What you need to know.

I’ve long recommended that clients with Celiac Disease or any other inflammatory bowel conditions make their own food from scratch so they have control over what goes into their bodies.   A recent study funded by the NIH and published in the February edition of the journal “Epidemiology” reinforces that suggestion.

Study says women’s mental sharpness begins to decline as early as age fifty

My problem with this fairly large study is that in many cases, women in their fifties and sixties who have come to me complaining of loss of short term memory and/or brain fog have reported significant improvement when using either of two sophisticated nutrient and anti-inflammatory protocols. In fact clients can claim back product costs from both companies if they fail to experience a powerful enough response.

Recovery from prolonged grief: A second look

During the past decade of using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) in my wellness center, I’ve worked with many suffering various stages of loss. We all face grief or loss at some point in our lives. For most it’s a painful but appropriate honoring and recognition of that which is gone; followed by the usual stages of recovery. Too often however, I see clients who are stuck. It’s been years or perhaps decades and they still can’t let go.

Kids and praise

How to build them up without doing long term harm

Praise: We all want out kids to be happy and grow up to be secure well-adjusted adults. Naturally we tend to praise them for how talented, intelligent or pretty they are. Unfortunately, too much of this can have a very dark side with serious long term effects. The highly beneficial alternative is to praise them for how much effort they put into what they do. Long term follow-up studies show how functional intelligence goes up over time in the effort praise group and down in the intelligence and/or talent praise group.

Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Also showcased on The Dr. Oz Show recently for pain. Please see the websites listed at the bottom for further research and information on the iMRS, iSLRS and the general field of Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. Healthcare professionals who've chosen to use these tools in their practice have reported that it's been of enormous benefit to patients. Full training and ongoing support for this equipment are provided by myself. This is the equipment Professor Jerry Bobo M.D., Psychoneuroimmunologist, reported seeing such fascinating results with for depression and sleep (lecture for EMedicineU August 2010). See here for Dr. Carmichael's interview with me. The nutrient protocol referred to is the Equilib Protocol. Dr. Carmichael was the Medical Director of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine.

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